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EAA Chapter 1300
Christmas Dinner Registration

WHEN: Wednesday December 6, 2017
WHERE: Las Vegas National Golf Club, 1911 East Desert Inn Road, Las Vegas, Nevada 89169
TIME: 5:30pm drinks and social, 6:15pm dinner (Prime Rib and Salmon)
SPEAKER: Elliot Seguin (see bio below)

In aerospace for 13 years, working on everything from WWII trainers to spaceships, commercial and non-commercial programs, recips to rocket engines, and antique aircraft to record setting aircraft and race planes.

Total time 1650 hours, 500 hours flight testing 14 different aircraft (from dropping spacecraft to amphibious electrics and multi engine turbojets). This includes PIC on six first flights (four for hire).

Started Wasabi Air Racing, built two airplanes (both reno racers), one of which is self-designed. Started helping other race teams modify and test their racers and set records. Helped with 22 FAI world record attempts, set 6 as pilot. Then expanded into other types of test programs for non-Reno aircraft.

At Burt Rutan's Scaled Composites for ten years, was a project engineer, a flight test engineer/test pilot (200 hrsm, 6 types). Also did hiring/recruiting and staffing for the engineering department for a couple years.

Lead test pilot for Aerochia performance aircraft, home of the super legacy and LT-1.

Currently Experimental Test Pilot at Mooney aircraft in Chino, flight testing the revolutionary carbon fiber/diesel M10T.

Limited seating is available (only 20 seats left)!
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