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The Official Monthly Electronic Newsletter of the

Southern Nevada EAA Chapter 1300
P O Box 34311

Las Vegas, Nevada 89133-4311,


                                                     JUNE 2004

 Volume 5, issue No.6


June,9 2004

Our next Chapter meeting will be at the North Las Vegas Airport,

 Grand Canyon Room at 7:30 PM
Remember, a group of members have dinner at 6:00 pm before the meeting at:

 Foothills Ranch, 3377 North Rancho Road


June Meeting Program:


2004 Officers and Directors:
President:                              Mike Smith
Vice President:                     Paul Gerner
Secretary:                              Herman Leong
Treasurer:                              David Lerner
Director VGT:                       Armin Tuma
Director BLD:                       Glenn Smith  
Director HND:                       Glenn Carlson

President’s Corner:



          May was and eventful month for our chapter.  The personalized letters Ken and I sent out to our non-renewing members picked up about a dozen of them.  Unfortunately, that means many did not renew.  However, although I don’t yet have an exact count from our Treasurer, our renewing members stand at about 65.   Since membership dues are the main source of our funds to send deserving youths to the Air Academy each year, we all need to encourage our aviation friends to renew. 

            For those of you who didn’t make our May meeting and hear the report, we had a good Tuskegee Airman Young Eagle rally on May 8th and flew 55 kids.  Rich Kegelmyer set up a good video of the Blue Angels flying and the Tuskegee Airman set up some great displays and a flight computer that kept the kids, who were not flying, occupied.   Four of us, George Younghans, Armin Tuma, Jim Bonelli (with Charlie Braun aboard) and I, flew to Mesquite on Monday afternoon, May 24th, where we flew 14 Boy Scouts that Charlie Braun and the Mesquite Scout Leaders were helping get their Aviation Badges.  They all seemed to enjoy it greatly.  Glenn Smith had agreed to join us but had a mishap with his RV-8.  Luckily, he still has a great Comanche to fly while he fixes the RV.

            Walt Ayers and Tom Donaldson have put their heads together to come up with a quest speaker for our next meeting on June 9th.   I don’t have the details at this time, so be sure to mark your calendar so you don’t miss out.  Also, start spreading the word that the July 14th meeting will be at my house (900 Primrose Lane, Henderson) instead of in Glenn Smith's hangar at the Boulder City airport.   Before the meeting at 1730 hours, we will be hosting a hamburger/braut roast and let you bring your “special dish” if you wish.

            That is all for now.  Hope to see you at North Las Vegas, Wed, June 9th for the next meeting or maybe at our 1800 hours dinner in the Foothills Ranch Bar & Grill.



Fly Safe,

Mike Smith

2004 President, Southern Nevada EAA Chapter 1300


 Secretary’s Note Pad:
EAA Chapter 1300

MAY, 2004 Minutes

The Meeting was called to order at 1935 hours by Mike Smith.  Twenty members and nine guests were in attendance.  The first portion of the meeting was devoted to several guest presentations.


Tom Donaldson introduced two regional FAA representatives – Chris Diggons and Elizabeth Louie of the Las Angeles District office, as well as Larry Wilkinson of the local FSDO.


Chris Diggons gave a Powerpoint presentation on runway operations and safety issues – 57% of “incursions” are Pilot deviations, and of those, 74% are by General Aviation pilots.  He defined several terms including various categories of surface incidents, and runway incursions and noted that 70% of incursions are deviations after a correct “readback” by the offending pilot.


FAA is trying to prevent incursions through the use of “direct notification to pilot” technologies – such as flashing lights when you taxi beyond certain points without clearance or flashing PAPI ground marker lights with voice-notification over a navigational sideband frequency being items under investigation and development.  Chris noted that Federal courts have said that Pilots are responsible “to hear and comprehend” clearances correctly – with the implication being that the controller in a rush may acknowledge an incorrect read back but it would still not relieve the pilot of his primary responsibility to comprehend it correctly and comply.  A good bottom line rule per Chris is to stop and ask for clarification if there is any confusion – he says you’ll never make it better by guessing.  For a good illustration of how wrong it can go he suggested we look into a recent incident of GA runway incursion at Sarasota wherein 4 people were killed.  This incident was to be discussed in greater detail at Chris’ longer program the following evening to which we were all invited.


Next, Larry Wilkinson of the local FSDO gave a pitch about the FAA’s customer service improvements program, referred to as “CSI Flight Standards”.  This program is top down from new FAA administrator Marion Blakey and is intended to move away from fear based relationships to ones based on collaboration and respect.  To this end, he as well as many other FAA personnel up and down the chain of command are engaged in a significant outreach effort to meet with all of their customers in various “serviced communities”.  2003 was a great year for aviation safety as a whole, but not for GA.  FAA is putting a greater focus on GA in order to improve the GA safety record and bring it in line with the rest of the US aviation industry.  The stated goal of the Flight Services initiative is “to provide the public accident free service through best in the world standards” or something along those lines…. (Don’t quote your humble reporter – or at least don’t bet much on my exactitude)….and again stressed that this is to be a collaborative effort.  For issues where respect and collaboration do not lead to fully satisfactory resolution – there is a three tier system of decisions and appeals – local, then regional, then executive level.  (You would also have a final recourse through the Administrator herself, or your Congressman.)   In the end, the goal is that “all parties should agree that the process was fair and that your concerns were properly heard.”


Larry also introduced Linda Williams (airworthiness inspector) and Jan Miller who helps with customer service – certificates etc.  The final note from the FSDO is that due to post 9/11 security considerations, all of their work is by appointment only, no walk-ins.  This does not mean you could never get a same day appointment, so just call ahead.


Finally, Vince Felar spoke for a few minutes on Jean Airport issues.  Vince is an Aviation Safety Counsellor, as well as an 1100 hour Powered and Glider rated Pilot.  Jean airport, as a local hub for multiple aviation related activities has two paved lighted parallel runways, gas available, but no tower.  Communications is via CTAF.  Jean is the designated sport aviation center for Clark county and sees regular use by ultralights, helicopters, gliders, parachutists, aerobatic pilots, model rocketeers, and is host to occasional airshows or fly-ins.  With so many activities, you really need to communicate well and learn the location of various activities and then keep your head on a swivel and out of the cockpit.


The Regular business meeting commenced with a motion to waive the reading of the minutes of the previous meeting as they are posted to the website.


With the Treasurer absent – an informal update of chapter accounts was presented by Jim Bonelli, who indicated that the change from last month was approximately $50 net increase.


The builder support group report indicated that Luther Taylor’s application for designation as an official technical advisor is in process.


Young Eagles activity for May was the Tuskegee Airmen sponsored event at North Las Vegas.  Fifty-four youngsters were introduced to the joys of flight at this very busy airport, and added excitement for the event was provided by two pilots who managed to both blow tires and close both available runways for a short period.  As a result, some young eagles flights logged more than the usual 20 minutes – to the delight of most, but not all participants, one of whom wanted his mommy!  Given the challenges of the day, this event was a terrific success - and so we relay our thanks to Mike Smith, Justin Kelly, Jim Bonelli for their piloting skills, and to Mikut and the terrific ground support crew, as well as all the other participants.


Scott (Bracket?) of Kingman Arizona’s chapter 765 indicated there would be a young eagles event at Kingman on Saturday the 15th and requested support from our chapter.


Chapter 163 reported they were having a Sunday Breakfast 0800 at Mesquite.


Paul Gerner reported that two individuals had been selected to attend the Air Academy, with reservations already made.  Justin Kelly played the key role in locating candidates for this program and selecting the most deserving.  Discussion of the challenges faced by one of the youngsters in meeting the transportation costs led to a recommendation that we approach some of the local air service providers to ask for contributions in supporting this need.  It was also suggested that we invite these youngsters to the next chapter meeting so we can meet them.


Paul Gerner passed a request from Justin Kelly that the chapter consider sponsoring a young eagles event targeted to support the 28 honor students in the Rancho High School aviation program.  It was also suggested that there should be a connection between the Rancho program and Embry-Riddle’s program at UNLV.


It was noted that we still are looking for a social director.


The next meeting will be 9 June at VGT – see you there!


Meeting adjourned at 2110 hours.




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