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The Official Monthly Electronic Newsletter of the

Southern Nevada EAA Chapter 1300
P O Box 34311

Las Vegas, Nevada 89133-4311,


MAY 2004

 Volume 5, issue No.5


May 12, 2004

Our next Chapter meeting will be at the Henderson Executive Airport Terminal Building at 7:30 PM  Remember, a group of members have dinner at 6:00pm before the meeting at the Seven Hills Bar & Grill  Everyone is "Welcome" to join us for Dinner.


May Meeting Program:

The meeting program -  David Learner is currently putting together a program on Aviation Safety atGeneral Aviation Airports.  The program will include representatives with FAA, as well as individuals familiar with some of our local airports and will  include discussion regarding specific cautions when operating on and around these airports and other current topics, such as runway incursions.


2004 Officers and Directors:
President:                              Mike Smith
Vice President:                     Paul Gerner
Secretary:                              Herman Leong
Treasurer:                              David Lerner
Director VGT:                       Armin Tuma
Director BLD:                       Glenn Smith  
Director HND:                       Glenn Carlson

President?s Corner:



I hope everyone has been flying (and driving) safely and all is well with you.  I have just a few new things to announce in this months Newsletter.  With Ken Wyatt?s help, I sent out personalized letters to those past members who have not renewed their membership this year.  Hopefully, many of them will reconsider and our P.O. Box is overflowing with more renewals.

Our program at this month?s meeting (Wednesday, May 12th, 1930 hours at Henderson Executive airport) will focus on safety.  Tom Donaldson is trying to coordinate with the FSDO, to have one of them come and give ?their take? on local accidents and things that might help us all be a little safer ?as we slip the surly bonds?.  I hope that a few of you, who can make it to the meeting, will recount one of your  ?close call learning situations? that we can perhaps learn from.

Remember, we have a Young Eagle flight rally on Saturday, May 8th at VGT.  So far, I have Bob Doughty, Glenn Smith, Glenn Carlson, Roy Campbell, Ken Wyatt and me (in Dave Lerner?s plane) committed to fly.  Richard  Kegelmyer along with Gail are the only confirmed ground ?kid? handlers.  We can really use a little more help to spread the ?workload? to fly, keep the kids ?in-line?, help ?set-up and tear-down? our signs, table, etc. so, please let me know if you can help. (Phone 565-4010,  if you would rather e-mail.)  The Tuskegee Airmen have said they will pay for the fuel.  The Rally would be a good way to ?exercise? your plane at a lower cost.  Jim Bonelli has also set up a small Mesquite YE Rally on May 24th in the late afternoon.  I?d like to make our flights up to Mesquite more interesting by having an ETA and spot- landing contest in conjunction. We will discuss a few more details at the meeting. 

Hope to see many of you on the 12th at the Seven Hills Bar and Grill, 3051 Saint Rose Parkway for dinner at 1800 before going to the Henderson Terminal for our meeting.


Fly Safe,

Mike Smith

2004 President, Southern Nevada EAA Chapter 1300


 Secretary's Note Pad:

EAA Chapter 1300

APRIL, 2004 Minutes

EAA Chapter 1300

 There are no minutes available at this time to be included in the newsletter.  They will be discussed at the May meeting.

Welcome New Members:
The Chapter wishes to ?Welcome? the following New Members and we urge

 each of you to take an active roll in the chapter.

Charles Braun and Family (including Micah who just soloed)

Dan Landry

Brian Rossi

We also wish to mention that two members passed on, Glenn Armstrong

and John Osburn . Chapter Member Numbers 70 and 30, respectively.



Webpage Material:
Everyone is encouraged to submit material, information or pictures of

 interest to chapter members for publication on the Chapter?s Webpage.

 Send whatever you have to Jim Bonelli, WebMaster,
email address:

The chapter webpage URL is: Be sure

 to Bookmark this URL.

Lee Owens Around the World Flight - May 27, 2004

Lee Owens will attempt to make aviation history by becoming the first African-American to fly around the world, the first to fly around the world solo in a single engine aircraft, and to set a worlds record by traveling over 25,000 miles around the world.
Lee Owens will make this flight in a 3/4 scale replica of the famous North American P51D Mustang. The P51D Mustang was one of the aircraft used by the Tuskegee Airmen to fly combat missions during WWII.
For years Lee Owens has had the dream to fly around the world in a single-engine P-51D airplane to honor those black aviators that came before him. When he is successful, he will become the first African-American to ever make the journey in a single-engine aircraft. Lee Owens is a visionary for young African-Americans. He inspires them to make their dreams a reality.
After he has made the flight, Lee Owens plans to use his experiences to speak to youths across the country about the opportunities in aviation. In order to complete this journey, Lee Owens needs your financial backing. Time is of the essence. We are looking for 5,000 people to donate at least $50.00 each to make this mission a go.
The Lee Owens Foundation has been set up to accept funds for this world flight and to provide funding for scholarships to bring aviation education to deserving youths.

For more details, go to:

NOTE: EAA Chapter 1300 voted to contribute $100.00 to the Lee Owens Foundation at the April meeting. 

Young Eagles:

The 2004 Young Eagle Flight Rally (Partial) Schedule:

April 3rd Young Eagle Rally was canceled. The new tentative date will

 be May 8th - Tuskegee Air of Las Vegas. Please mark your calendar.

 Contact Jim Bonelli at for an update.


Refreshment Calendar:

Tom Donaldson


Thanks for reading the newsletter and we will see

 you at the meeting on the 12th. Bring a friend?.. 
Contact: Webmaster