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Chapter Resources

EAA Chapter 1300 maintains the following list of equipment
for borrowing (by Members) or renting (by Guests). If you are
interested in using any of these items, please contact
the person listed next to each item directly.

ItemMember NamePhone NumberEmail Address
Bead Blaster Roger Hansen925-348-0076
Aircraft Scales Roger Hansen925-348-0076
Video Borescope Seb Trost702-407-5517
Aeroquip Hose Mandrels Roger Hansen925-348-0076
DynaVibe Prop Balancer Terry Frazier702-278-0273
Tig Welder Terry Frazier702-278-0273
HVLP Paint Gun and Turbine Unit Terry Frazier702-278-0273
Pneumatic Rivet Puller Terry Frazier702-278-0273
36" Shear/Break/Roll Terry Frazier702-278-0273
Safety Wire Nut/Bolt Drill Jigs Roger Hansen925-348-0076

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Also, many of our members have additional expertise in certain
areas of homebuilding and/or restoration. To view a list of members
with specific expertise, please use the search criteria below:

Wood: Aluminum / Riveting:
Fabric: Steel Tube / Welding:
Composites: Other:

Contact: Webmaster