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                    The official Monthly Electronic Newsletter Of the

    Southern Nevada EAA Chapter 1300

                                     P.O. Box 34311

                                 Las Vegas Nevada 89133-4311


                                               JULY 2005

                                      Volume 6, Issue No.7


JULY 13, Meeting Location:

Our next meeting will be held at Boulder City Airport, Glenn Smith’s Hangar (TW1-16) at 7:30 pm.

The group dinner will be held at 6:00 pm. At the Boulder Creek Golf Club 1501 Veterans Memorial Pkwy.


August meeting Program:

We’re honored to present Mike Perger to be our Guest Speaker for the evening.


2005 Officers and Directors:

President:                        David Lerner

Vice President:               Paul Gerner

Secretary:                        Herman Leong

Ass’t Secretary:              Bill Lawbaugh

Treasurer:                        Ken Wyatt

Ass’t Treasurer:              Justin Kelly

Director VGT:                  Armin Tuma

Director BLD:                  Glenn Smith

Director HND:                 Glenn Carlson


Presidents Corner July 2005:

It seems only yesterday when Jim Bonelli and I rolled out to North Town to pick up Plane and Pilot Editor, Lyn Freeman, who was to speak to our chapter that evening.  For those of you who missed this meeting well you missed a good one to say the least.  Lyn is both the kind of person that you would want to have as a friend as well as a speaker one couldliterally listen to for quite some time and not get tired of his seemingly endless aviation anecdotes. A major cause of his which he talked about is to bring aviation to youngsters around the world through a program called Build-a-Plane. 

Briefly Build-a-Plane is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating programs to involve high school-aged kids in aviation: (web site is Lyn indicated that there were six or seven projects presently underway throughout the United States and he was looking for a project for a group of kids about 100 miles outside of Moscow, Russia.  The kids are already signed up, a Russian aerospace engineer has offered to run the project, the local school has donated classroom space for formal aviation lectures and instruction, and a local airport has provided the space and manpower to began.  All they need is a project.  Lyn mentioned that if anyone has an aircraft or components to donate log on to the web site above.


A disappointment in our program efforts as neither our Astronaut meeting featuring Jeff Ashby nor this last meeting with Lyn Freeman were as well attended as I had hoped.  Please get back to me as to whether or not this is the sort of meeting you really want.  Personally I can’t imagine coming to a meeting each month to discuss relatively the same subjects. 


Our August meeting will feature Mike Perger discussing electric basics.  He has put a great deal of preparation into

this presentation so I hope you will mark your calendars for what promises to be another excellent session. 

Lyn Freeman sent over some goodies to raffle off at the August meeting as well.

See you at Boulder City July 13th.  Until then safe flying and best regards,


David Lerner.


Meeting Minutes:
June 8, 2005


President Dave Lerner called the meeting at VGT to order at 1935 Hrs.  11 members and 4 guests were present. 

The guests were Morris Mansell, Wayne Bunt, Robert Southerland, and Sarah Metcalf.  Morris is looking to build something but has not decided on anything yet.  Wayne Bunt is Paul Guerner's Father-In-Law.  Sarah is this year's Chapter 1300 nominee for Air Venture Academy.  She is in the Rancho High School Aviation program and aspires to become a commercial pilot. The May minutes were approved. 

Justin Kelly gave the Treasurer's report and it was approved.  Our cash balance on May 31, 2005 was $3,179.99.

Our guest speaker Lynn Freeman was then introduced.  Lynn is the editor of Plane & Pilot and the Pilot Journal, a rather recent publication.  Lynn gave us a very interesting account of what it's like to be an editor of an aviation magazine.  He claims it's the best job in the world because he gets to fly in many different kinds of aircraft, travel all over the world and meet many of the movers and shakers in the world of aviation.
The fly-out to Oceano was cancelled because not enough people signed up for it.  The next scheduled fly-out is to

Palm Springs in September.  Our annual picnic is scheduled for October 22nd. 

One of our members who works at the Nevada Test Site said the there have been many incursions (6 in the last 3 months) into their airspace.  Jim Bonelli advised that if you stay West of hwy 95 until you pass Jackass Junction you should be all right.  

The August 10th meeting will feature a talk on Electricity Basics by one of our members. The July meeting will be at

Boulder City airport (61B) in Glenn Smith's hangar.  There was no 50/50 drawing.  The meeting was adjourned at 2135 Hrs.


Respectfully Submitted,

Herman Leong, Secretary Chapter 1300


Welcome new Members:

No new Members to report at this time.


Webpage Material

Everyone is encouraged to submit material, information or pictures of interest,

to chapter members for publication on the Chapter’s Webpage.

Send whatever you have to Jim Bonelli, Webmaster, email address:

The Chapter webpage URL is’ Be sure to bookmark this URL.


Young Eagles:


Classified ads:

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Refreshment Calendar:

Glenn Smith will be our refreshment host for the July Meeting.

From EAA Chapter 1073:

Heads up everyone!


I thought I'd pass this on to all our members and chapters who might have members interested in

attending our next monthly meeting in July as this will be a rare opportunity to hear and meet the man

behind a new breakthrough in propeller design. This presentation is going to be extra special so mark

the date and time on you calendars.


Paul Lipps, engineer and entrepreneur will be here to talk about this new propeller design.

Last year his propeller design broke many records at the Reno Air Races in the Bi-Plane class.


When:  Third Wednesday of the month, July 21st, 6:00 pm, dinner. 7:00 presentation

Where:  Truckee Tahoe EAA 1073 Chapter Hangar

(SW corner of the two runways) Look for the big blue  "EAA" letters on the building which you can't miss.

Plane and car parking in abundance.

RSVP: so we know how many to plan for.


Hope to see you there,


Tim LoDolce

President EAA 1073 Truckee Tahoe (TRK)



                     Remember to wear your name badge to the July meeting.

               Thanks for reading the Newsletter and we will see you On the 13th.

                                                          Bring a friend……..

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