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                    The official Monthly Electronic Newsletter Of the

    Southern Nevada EAA Chapter 1300

                                     P.O. Box 34311

                                 Las Vegas Nevada 89133-4311


                                               OCTOBER, 2005

                                           Volume 6, Issue No.10


October 12, Meeting Location:

Our next meeting will be held at North Las Vegas Airport,  Grand Canyon Room at 7:30 PM. The group dinner before the Meeting is 6:00PM at the Town Center II 2992 W. Cheyenne Rd.


October meeting Program:


2005 Officers and Directors:

President:                        David Lerner

Vice President:                Paul Gerner

Secretary:                        Herman Leong

Ass’t Secretary:               Bill Lawbaugh

Treasurer:                        Ken Wyatt

Ass’t Treasurer:               Justin Kelly

Director VGT:                   Armin Tuma

Director BLD:                   Glenn Smith

Director HND:                  Glenn Carlson


Presidents Corner September 2005:


Dave Edwards, after many months of work with AOPA, finally received the letter from AOPA to the

FSDO concerning the First Flight Issue. The letter was totally supportive of our position relating to the

safety issues for the community, the pilot and the aircraft.  In connection with the FSDO’s concern

over first flight and experimental safety at VGT; the AOPA letter pointedly stated,

 “…the safety record of experimentals at North Las Vegas Airport has been superior to production aircraft. 

Of the 50 incidents or accidents occurring at VGT from 1983 through 20004, only 3 minor incidents involved

experimentals, none of them occurred during flight testing.” 


FSDO has as of this writing not responded to the AOPA position and request for how the FSDO

determinations were made in the first place. 

I will try to publish the complete text on the Chapter’s Web Site as soon as possible.


Surprisingly we also have not heard anything further regarding the status of the Airport Trust Fund

funding analysis promised for the end of September.  Not so much as a peep from NDOT.


We want everyone to show up for the picnic on October 22nd so as an added incentive through

the help of the EAA National we will hold a drawing for an EAA leather jacket with a value of $250. 


Our next meeting is at VGT, October 12th starting at 7:30pm. Try to bring a friend. We will be discussing

the potential nominees for next year’s Chapter Officers


Remember our new restaurant, Town Center ll, located on Cheyenne at 2992 West Cheyenne Blvd. 

We will break bread at 6:00pm.


Regards and safe flying,


David Lerner, President 2005



Meeting Minutes:

INTRODUCTORY COMMENTS: Dave Lerner Welcomed our 16 members and 2 guests, Mike Henderson andWayne, Paul Gerner’s father-in-law. A few of our members had dinner together before the meeting, although we did get split up between two restaurants. Remember, all members are welcome at these 1800 hours "dinner gatherings". Next month, our leader will announce the location in a reminder.

Our Secretary, Herman Leong, was on vacation so Mike Smith was filling in for Herman on the minutes recording. It was great to see a few folks we hadn’t seen for a few meetings (maybe because it’s summer vacation time). I would encourage all members to introduce themselves to those you don’t recognize and exchange your interests. Hopefully some new friendships will flourish and strengthen our meeting attendance.

Dave announced that AOPA President, Phil Boyer, will be in town on October 4th for a pilot town meeting, Tuesday, October 04, 2005 - 7:30 PM ,Renaissance Las Vegas Hotel, 3400 Paradise Road. Dave also gave a summary of his and Jim’s visit to Carson City for the Airport Manager’s meeting and Rural Airport Improvement meeting. It is a complex issue, but the $500,000 "seed" money the state intends to allocate will do little. It appears the intent is to start "something" and tax the general aviation activity (airplane tax, etc.) to continually provide such money. "Stay tuned" for more.



Mtg Minutes: Dave called for a motion to forego the reading since they were posted on the Web site and in the distributed newsletter. The motioned was passed.

Treasurer’s Report: Ken Wyatt presented his Treasurer’s Report. Our current Chapter balance is $2812.94. See the report for details. (Editor’s note: If anyone knows a member who isn’t getting our e-mails, please let Ken know so their e-mail address can be updated.

EAA "Air Academy": Paul Gerner, who helped select this year’s Air Academy attendee, said the young lady would come to our next meeting and give us a report on her trip

Young Eagles: Jim announced our Young Eagle Rally schedule for this fall. October 8th and 9th at Jean during "Discover Aviation" days. Mike Smith is contacting our pilots to compile a list of those who can bring planes and fly. Tom Donaldson said the "County" will give us "a break" on gasoline. Mike Henderson said he would raffle off two free glider rides for the kids. Tom Buck will try to round up a Eurocoupe or two for static display. Dick McEwen will put his newly finished RV-6A on display. We could probably use a few more. Let Tom Donaldson’s office, at Henderson Executive airport, know if you can bring a static display plane so his ramp "folks" can plan ramp space. We will need others for ground support. Please come out and help with the registration and marshalling. We also will be flying kids on November 5th at Boulder City Airport Open House and December 3rd at Overton. Mark your calendars and "sign-up" to fly kids or ground crew for the planes. (Editor’s Note: By-the-way, we should congratulate Dick. His first flight in the RV-6A he built in 20 months was the morning of September 14th.)

Monthly Fly-out: None scheduled at this time. It was decided to cancel the Palm Springs fly-out due to the gasoline shortage created by hurricane "Katrina". Dean Herrington stimulated a discussion to see what might stimulate more "fly-out" participation. It was decided that we will plan one overnight fly-out and a quarterly fly-out in the other quarters. (Editor’s Note: Our Chapter fly-outs are usually on the weekend after the monthly chapter meetings and we usually don’t get the minutes to Roland Fraga, our Web site manager, until after that, so please call a chapter officer if you don’t get to the meeting and would like to know where we are going.)

Projects: As mentioned, Dick McEwen finished and flew his RV-6A and John Andrzejewski has finished and flown his Berkut. Congratulations to both. My RV-7A is nearing completion. I hope, by the end of the year. We need more of you to come to meetings and give a status report of your projects.


Nellis AFB will have their Open house and Airshow on November 12 & 13 this year. This is always a favorite for anyone who is interested in aviation. You never know exactly what you will see there. Mark DuLaney is assembling a formation (primarily experimentals) to do fly-bys during the show. He is also asking for a few experimentals to be put on static display. If you wish to participate, plan on taking your plan to Nellis on Thursday, Nov 10th and leaving on Monday, Nov 14th. Contact Mark at 493-3361 or e-mail at

Dean Herrrington, our social director, discussed the picnic plan for Oct 22nd and passed out a sheet to get folks to sign up for specific assistance and dishes. He mentioned there will be a raffle for a nice leather jacket. Be sure to put this on your calendars and sign up for something.

Mike Smith is still trying to assemble the 2006 officer slate. Dave Lerner has committed to continuing as our president and Brian Prinzavalli has committed to serve as Treasurer. It is hoped that Dave and Jim Bonelli will prevail in their search for a VP and Secretary. The current Secretary and Treasurer have agreed to act as Assistants to the new officers to show the new officers "the-ropes".

Tom Donaldson said that Henderson Executive Airport now has a GPS approach and new AWIS on 127.75 and expects to get a VOR approach soon.

Tom Buck announced that someone is stealing gasoline out of planes on the ramp at Boulder City. He has been hit twice.

50/50 Drawing: Mike Smith forgot to bring the tickets, so no drawing was held.

Respectfully submitted,

Mike Smith


Welcome new Members:

No new Members to report at this time.


Webpage Material:

Everyone is encouraged to submit material, information or pictures of interest,to chapter members for publication

on the Chapter’s Webpage. Send whatever you have to Jim Bonelli, Webmaster, email address: 

The Chapter webpage URL is    Be sure to bookmark this URL.


Young Eagles:

A reminder that the annual DISCOVER AVIATION event is coming up on Saturday and Sunday October 8th & 9th.

from 9:00am to 4:00pm.  Please spread the word.  Young Eagle rides for children 8 to 17,Aerobatic, Glider,

parachute demonstrations, static aircraft displays, food and much, much more.
David Lerner:

Classified ads:

No new classified ads to mention at this time.


Refreshment Calendar:


Ken & Phyllis Wyatt will be your refreshment hosts for the  October 12, meeting.

Thanks go out to Tom Donaldson for providing us with goodies last month.


For your Information: FYI.

EAA Chapter 1300 Fall Family Picnic Saturday, October 22, 2005, 10:00 ish to 3:00 ish.

The EAA Chapter 1300 Fall Family Picnic will be held on Saturday,October 22, 2005, from 10:00 a.m.-ish

to about 3:00 p.m.-ish, at the Jean Airport, in the picnic area north of the terminal.

The chapter is providing top quality hamburgers, hot dogs and chicken (with all the fixings), along with a variety of soda's. Members are asked to bring such other items as potato salad, beans, cole slaw,cookies, cakes, brownies

(NO, not those kind), pies, etc. 

Our Social Affairs Director sends his greetings with this Picnic Reminder: If you haven't already signed up

to bring a specific item, please call Dean Herrington at 492-6962, or email him at, to find out what items are not yet spoken for (we don't want everybody bringing a pot of Grandma's famous baked beans, no matter how many county fair ribbons they won).

And, don't forget to bring a folding chair for everyone in your party, or a nice big picnic blanket to spread out on the lawn.  Wanna play frizbee, horseshoes, catch, football?  Bring `em along and add to the fun.

So, bring yer appetite and the whole family, and fly, drive or hitchhike down to Jean for the gala event,

Saturday, October 22, 10:00-3:00.


                    Remember to wear your name badge to the October meeting.

Thanks for reading the Newsletter and we will see you On the 12th. Bring a friend……..








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