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                    The official Monthly Electronic Newsletter Of the

    Southern Nevada EAA Chapter 1300

                                     P.O. Box 570561

                                 Las Vegas Nevada 89157-0561


                                              March 2007

                                         Volume 8, Issue No.3


March 14, Meeting Location:

Our next meeting will be held at the Henderson Executive Airport

Members wishing to have a quick bite to eat will meet at the Seven Hills Bar and Grill 6:00 PM


March Meeting Program

Mr. Dave Edwards will give us a progress report on the Experimental First Flight closure of VGT.



2007 Officers and Directors:

President:                        Terry Frazier

Vice President:                Mike Perger

Secretary:                        Charlie Braun              

Treasurer:                        Brian Prinzavalli               

Director VGT:                   Armin Tuma

Director BLD:                   Glenn Smith

Director HND:                  Glenn Carlson


Presidents Corner March 2007:


Thanks again to Glenn Smith for contributing the use of his hangar for the February meeting and arranging for the

speakers from the Boulder City fire department.  The main discussion centered around emergency communications,

and the challenges presented at an uncontrolled airport.  The Fire Department is currently working with 61B airport

management to develop a complete emergency response plan (ERP).  Lots of ideas were discussed, but if we want

our input into the final form of the ERP, it appears we should act soon and in concert with airport management. 

If anyone is interested in taking up this topic, please contact Glenn, or any one of the board members so we can

coordinate our input.


Following Buck’s example, several chapter members made contributions to Discover Aviation (Jean Airport April 21)

to help with the advertising and operations budget.  Money is tight, but the Discover Aviation team is working hard

to make this a success to build on.  If you can provide any support, please contact Mike Perger or David Lerner directly. 


Be looking in the mail for your chapter dues notice, and by separate mailing, a ballot on altering the by-laws to reduce

the liability insurance requirement from two million to one million dollars.  If we don’t make this change, we will be forced

to purchase two million of insurance at more than double the cost for one million. 


Finally, Dave Edwards will be at our next meeting (March 14: HND) to talk about the status of first flights at VGT.  

We need to learn all we can from this experience to better prepare for any similar challenges at other area airports. 

They may come sooner that we would like to think. 


Freezing in Northern Illinois,


Terry Frazier


Meeting Minutes February 14, 2007:

Location: Boulder City Airport, Boulder City, Nevada


Meeting was called to order by chapter President Terry Frazier at 7:30pm.


Boulder City Fire Department made an excellent presentation.


Majority of members enjoyed Valentines Day with their sweethearts.


See you-all at Henderson on March 14th


Charlie Braun


Welcome new Members:



Webpage Material:

Everyone is encouraged to submit material, information or pictures of interest,

to chapter members for publication on the Chapter’s Webpage.

Send whatever you have to Jim Bonelli, Webmaster, email address:  

The Chapter webpage URL is’

Be sure to bookmark this URL.


Young Eagles:

Discover Aviation at Jean Airport is next month.  Saturday, April 21 is just around the corner.

Please contact Mike Smith if you plan to fly Young Eagles.



Classified ads:

Classified ads are a service to members and posted on the Web site.  The posting will remain until the

Item offered is sold or 1 year, which ever comes first.


Refreshment Calendar:

Volunteers needed.


For your Information: FYI.

Refreshments are provided each month by volunteers. We very much appreciate the generosity of 

those who participate. We are again asking for volunteers for the 2007 Meeting schedule.

           March    14  HEN

            Apr       11  VGT

            May      9    HEN

            Jun        13  VGT

             July      11  BLD

            Aug        8  VGT

            Sep      12   HEN

            Oct      10   VGT

            Nov   ( tba )  BLD   Usually combined with Open House

            Dec      12  VGT            

                    Remember to wear your name badge

                              to the March meeting.

               Thanks for reading the Newsletter and

             we will see you On the 14th. Bring a friend……..








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