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The official monthly Electronic Newsletter of the
Southern Nevada EAA Chapter 1300
P.O. Box 570561, Topaz Station
Las Vegas, Nevada, 89157-0561
June 2008
Volume 9, Issue 6

Next Meeting Location:
Our next meeting will be held on June 11th in the Conference Room of the Terminal Building at Henderson Executive Airport at 7:30 pm.

2008 Officers and Directors:
President:Terry Frazier
Vice President:Mike Perger
Secretary:Keith Hopkey
Treasurer:Brian Prinzavalli
Director VGT:Armin Tuma
Director BLD:Glenn Smith
Director HND:Glenn Carlson

Presidents Corner:
EAA Chapter 1300
Presidents Corner June 2008

By all accounts, the May 24th Tonopah Young Eagles event was a great success. Despite threatening weather all weekend and a few sprinkles, seven planes and a dozen volunteers made the trip. We flew roughly 35 excited kids in addition to an overflight of the parade route as the National Anthem ended. The townspeople were very grateful and helped out in every way possible. Looks like this might become an annual thing.

We are confirmed for Michael Goulian’s presentation at our June 11th meeting at the Henderson Terminal. We will meet at 7:30 as usual. Expect an abbreviated meeting with most of our time devoted to Michael’s talk. We have decided to try Jason’s Deli at 3019 St Rose Parkway (South side) less than a mile east of Seven Hills Drive / Spencer drive intersection with St Rose Parkway (highway 146). Dinner at 6:00.

Don’t miss this one,

Terry Frazier

p.s. Don’t forget that this is our last meeting until September…

Meeting Minutes:


Minutes of Meeting
May 14, 2008
Glenn Smith’s Hangar, Boulder City Airport-61B

Meeting called to order by Chapter President, Terry Frazier at 19:40 hours.

New Members:
  • Alan Cook, Logandale, works in Orange County. Flys a C310, building an RV8

  • Jim Bonelli, Jr.

  • Report on Tom Buck’s illness. No one sure exactly what is wrong.
  • Check EAA web site for continuing information on the FAA’s 51% builder’s rule. Their new determination for the manufacturer, builder and commercial assistance expected out soon.
  • June 11 meeting at HND. The June program will be Michael Goulian from Castrol Aviation and Red Bull racing pilot with videos and talks. Agreed to invite Chapter 163 and guests. Suggested donation for non 163 or 1300 members. Amount to be left up to the donor.
  • Tom Donaldson is leaving his position as Manager of HND. He has accepted another position within the Airport Authority in the Construction/Engineering Department of Aviation. All in attendance thanked Tom for all his support and commitment to 1300’s efforts and events. He will still be around but not sure of his scheduling at this time.
  • The 2007 Oshkosh Formation Flight of 35 RVs is now officially in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest formation flight at Oshkosh. Our own Mike, Glenn and Mark were part of that flight. Congrats guys.

  • Randy Holland shared his experiences and observations on his recent Sun ‘n’ Fun venture. He reported was a fun time and a good show. He is now looking forward to an eventual attendance at Oshkosh.
  • President Terry Frazier shared an article and facilitated a discussion about the safety and hazards of draining fuel from and adding fuel to an aircraft. A discussion also ensued regarding the safety of the various gasoline containers.

Business Meeting:
  • April 9, 2008 minutes as posted on the web site were approved.
  • Balance as of May 14, 2008 was $1,847.41. Report approved as presented.
  • Some finances still need to be completed on the Air Academy expenses. President Terry is owed $200. Brian will work with the necessary parties and get everything handled. The Chapter also has 179 YE credits that will be applied to the expenses.
Old Business:
  • EAA 2008 calendars now for sale at $6.00 each. See Brian or Terry.
New Business:
  • Young Eagles schedule:
    • May 24, 2008 @ Tonopah. They have hotels, and the fuel has been worked out. Leave our home base full. TPH will supply fuel for YE flying and give us full tanks to return to our home base. There are currently eight pilots and planes volunteered.
    • September “date” TBD (possibly 9/20) @ HND.
    • October 4 @ Overton.
    • November 1 @ Pahrump.
  • M/S/P to make a monetary donation to the TPH Jim Butler Days Organizing Committee to assist them in covering the cost of “topping off” the fuel tanks for the formation flyers Glenn, Mark and Jim who are not part of the regular YE flights but who will be participating in the parade fly-by. Tanks will be “topped off” for their return flights home.
  • New business discussion from the floor:
    • Brian Prinzavalli received a brochure from Build-A-Plane out of St. Louis. If any members have an interest, they can pull up the web site and see details. President Terry now has the brochure.
    • No other new business discussion from the floor.
Chapter Committee Reports:
  • Air Academy: Brad Kasperek will be attending in 2008.
  • Safety/accidents:
    • Jim Bonelli discussed the dangers of inadequate spacing between oil hoses and exhaust systems. They have observed actual instances of this at their new repair facility.
    • Mike Perger talked about the dangers of using tie straps in inappropriate places and problems that can be caused when they break.
  • Builders Support: No discussion
  • Young Eagles: Already discussed
  • Social: Hangar visits continue to take place at HND Saturday mornings. There is a Henderson Hangar Group breakfast on Saturdays at 8:00 AM at the Kopper Keg.
Future Programs:
  • Terry needs input from all members for program content.
Status Reports:
  • Jim gave an update on his RV-7.
  • Randy gave an update on his wood construction and some of his needs for information.

EAA DVD drawing won by Jim Bonelli, Jr: 50/50 cash drawing won Jim Wallace.

Meeting adjourned at 20:50 hours with a reminder of our next meeting at HND Terminal building, June 11, 2008 at 19:30 hours.

Submitted by Keith Hopkey, Secretary

Webpage Material:
Everyone is encouraged to submit material, information, or pictures of interest for publication on the Chapter’s Webpage. Send whatever you have to Randy Holland, webmaster ( The NEW chapter webpage URL is Be sure to update any bookmarks.

Refreshments are provided each month by volunteers. We very much appreciate the generosity of those who participate.

We will see you at the meeting on June 11th.

Remember to wear your name badge, and be sure to bring a friend!

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