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The official monthly Electronic Newsletter of the
Southern Nevada EAA Chapter 1300
P.O. Box 570561, Topaz Station
Las Vegas, Nevada, 89157-0561
December 2008
Volume 9, Issue 12

Next Meeting Location:
Our next meeting will be held at the Henderson Airport Terminal Restaurant on December 10, 2008.

2008 Officers and Directors:
President:Terry Frazier
Vice President:Mike Perger
Secretary:Keith Hopkey
Treasurer:Brian Prinzavalli
Director VGT:Armin Tuma
Director BLD:Glenn Smith
Director HND:Glenn Carlson

Presidents Corner:
EAA Chapter 1300
Presidents Corner November 2008

At last months Boulder City meeting, we enjoyed Jack Elliot, the author of "Adventures on Aviation", who spoke on his recent book. Jack is a long time aviation columnist so he had lots of great flying stories. And the wind didn't even blow!

Don't forget to RSVP today or tomorrow for the December 10th dinner meeting.
We have made arrangements for dinner at the Landings Restaurant in the Henderson Airport Terminal. Our speaker will be Dennis Anderson, the new Henderson / Jean airport manager with a short talk on his plans and to introduce himself to us.

The club will provide appetizers (by the restaurant) at 6pm. Our dinner will be served at 7pm and will include roast beef, vegetables, mashed potatoes, side salad and iced tea, soda and coffee. The special group price will be $18.00 each plus 20% tip and tax. There will also be dessert available for the normal price and a cash bar. We will incur no charge for the room (we'll have the whole restaurant to ourselves as they aren't opening for dinner 'till January).

Other happenings are:

  • North Las Vegas Open House - December 6th 10am till 2pm - need one more volunteer to man the EAA info table with Linda and I.
  • Henderson Young Eagles Rally - December 13th - call Mike or Jim to volunteer.

See you at HND on the 10th,

Terry Frazier

Meeting Minutes:


Minutes of Meeting
November 12, 2008
61B Boulder City

Meeting called to order at 7:35 PM by Chapter President, Terry Frazier.

New Members:
  • Mike Radomsky, Cirrus SR-22
  • Sebastian "Seb" Trost, RV-7
  • Matt Lykins, Mojave Aviation (not at meeting)
  • Ann and Ralph Devers
  • Jack and Esta Ann Elliot
  • Byon Garrabrant
  • Sean (John??) Bacon
  • Tom Buck is up and around. He is now driving, however he is still in recovery mode. He stopped by Terry's hangar and visited.
  • Charlie Braun's cancer has spread and his kidneys are shutting down. Doesn't sound good. (NOTE: Charlie passed away November 13, 2008.)
  • December 6, 2008 open house for the public at No. Las Vegas (VGT). Will be from 10-2 PM with aircraft displays, safety discussions and general conversations to promote a spirit of cooperation in the community.
  • December 10 meeting will be our holiday dinner meeting at the Henderson Airport restaurant. See more information under Old Business.
  • Mike Perger gave an update on the Staggerwing progress. Ribs have been cut and are in place. Things are moving well after an aircraft plan/drawings issue on the model number was sorted out.
  • Author Jack Elliot shared portions and stories related to his book "Adventures in Flying." Jack previously worked 38 years for the Star Ledger newspaper in New Jersey writing a column on general aviation flying. In his book, which sells for $29.95, he worked to capture the spirit of flying as can be felt only by a pilot. He wanted to share that spirit with the general public. Jack was available following the meeting to autograph books purchased by members.
Business Meeting:
  • M/S/P to accept October 8, 2008 minutes as posted on the web site.
Treasurer’s Report:
  • Presented by Brian Prinzavalli. Balance as of October 31, 2008 was $2,319.78. M/S/P to accept report as presented.
Old Business:
  • Roger Hansen gave an update on the successful Hangar/Chapter party held October 18, 2008. Over 200 people attended. All went well. Some have said, "Let's do it again next year!" A lot of work involved so stay tuned in 2009.
  • Roger also shared his story on the durability of the SPOT personal locator beacon. His fell off a motorcycle during a motorcycle trip in California. Through checking SPOT's website (findme) and tracking the signal, he was able to zero in on some lat/long numbers. After searching in the general area, the unit was recovered in the freeway median, a little scratched but still working fine. A good testament to the unit's durability.
  • Roger also shared a book entitled "Sled Driver" authored by Brian Shul who piloted the SR-71 among various other aircraft and was at Aviation Nation this year. Highly recommended for reading. Information can be found at
  • Plans have been approved to hold an open house at KVGT on December 6, 2008 with displays, food, etc. from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Will need volunteers and planes for display. The event is being hosted by the Airport, CCAA, and the EAA Chapters.
  • Tentative plans to possibly do the same at Henderson in February, 2009.
  • December 10, 2008 will be the Chapter Christmas Party at the HND restaurant. Probable entree choices are Prime Rib $26++ and Chicked Cordon Bleu $22++ including salad, potatoes, steamed vegatables, soda, iced tea, coffee, hot tea. There will be a cash bar. Appetizer at $10 to $20 per platter will be furnished by the Chapter. Possible program will be meeting the new HND Airport Manager, Dennis Anderson. Will need firm commitments from attendees very soon. Terry will be sending an email on this.
  • Mike Smith gave a Young Eagles report. Boulder City on October 18, 2008 flew 41 kids with 4 planes and Pahrump on November 1, 2008 flew 56 kids with 9 planes. Thanks to all who participated.
  • No other Old Business from the floor.
New Business:
  • Nominating committee report for 2009:
    • President - Roger Hansen
    • Vice President - Terry Frazier
    • Secretary - Rachael Holland (volunteered from the floor. Thank you, Rachael!)
    • Treasurer - Brian Prinzavalli
    • Director for HND - Glenn Carlson
    • Director for KVGT - Armin Tuma
    • Director for 61B - Glenn Smith
  • M/S/P to close nominations. M/S/P unanimously to elect 2009 Officers and Directors by acclamation.
  • New business discussion from the floor:
    • M/S/P to approve adding a "Purchase Now" button on our website enabling existing members to renew their membership and enabling new members to join. Payment processing would be through PayPal. Randy Holland will handle the modification.
    • M/S/P to change our annual membership dues to $20.00 ($10.00 after June 30th) for both Individual and Family memberships (versus the current tiered approach).
Chapter Committee Reports:
  • Safety/Accidents: No discussion.
  • Builders Support: No discussion.
  • Young Eagles: More information to be developed but possibility of a Young Eagles event in connection with the Mojave Aviation Open House and the CAP on December 13, 2008 at HND.
  • Air Academy: No discussion.
  • Social: Hangar visits continue to take place at HND Saturday mornings. There is a Henderson Hangar Group breakfast on Saturdays at 8:00 AM at the Henderson terminal restaurant.
Future Programs:
  • We need everyone to be on the lookout for topics.
  • December meeting will be the Chapter's Christmas dinner/party at HND.
Status Reports:
  • None noted
  • Mike Perger won the 50/50 cash drawing.
M/S/P to adjourn meeting at 8:50 PM, with a reminder of our next meeting at the Henderson Airport Terminal Restaurant December 10, 2008.

Submitted by Keith Hopkey, Secretary

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