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                    The official Monthly Electronic Newsletter Of the

    Southern Nevada EAA Chapter 1300

                                     P.O. Box 570561

                                 Las Vegas Nevada 89157-0561


                                               NOVEMBER, 2006

                                            Volume 7, Issue No.11


NOVEMBER 8th, Meeting Location:  CHANGED


Our next meeting will be held at the Boulder City Airport during the OPEN HOUSE AIR SHOW, Saturday the 4th.

This will be our ELECTION MEETING.  Call to Order will be at 11:30 AM.  Your attendance is requested.


November Meeting Program:



Participate in the Young Eagles flight rally.


2007 Ballot of Officers and Directors:


President:                         Terry Frazier

Vice President:                Mike Perger

Secretary:                         Micah Braun              

Treasurer:                         Brian Prinzavalli              

Director VGT:                   Armin Tuma

Director BLD:                   Glenn Smith

Director HND:                  Glenn Carlson


Presidents Corner for November 2006


Saturday November 4th saw another successful Young Eagles flight at Boulder City.  The flight operation was

as usual handled by Mike Smith with the ground crew under the direction of Charlie Braun.  Jim Bonelli worked

his magic in getting the 112 youngsters to their respective flights in a timely manner.  Thanks to the volunteer

pilots who made the Young Eagle Flight possible …C.A. Smith, Lonnie Roy, Bob Rose, Ron Polly, Dewey Peterson,

Kevin Stall, Roy Campbell, Don Ames, George Younghans, Mark Ott, Ron Palmer and Mike Smith.


Then there was the aerobatic display flown by Richard Brand, Craig Teft and Craig Fordum.  The formation pilots

included some folks from Southern California as well as our own homegrown formation flyers: Mark Dulaney,

Brad Sharp, Mike Smith, Ann Checkaway, Paul Rosales and Glenn Smith.  Those hours of practice certainly paid off.

Many thanks to all of you who participated in making this Boulder City Day a successful event from our aerial perspective.


In a letter of appreciation for the Chapter’s involvement at the Boulder City Airport Day

Doug Mueller the BCAA Communications Officer wrote:


I wish to express my sincerest appreciation to all of my brothers and sisters at EAA Chapter 1300 and the

ROTC members. All of you made a huge contribution to the success of the Boulder City Airport Day on

November4, 2006. Without your generosity of time and money, the Boulder City Airport day would have

been a disappointment. Your contributions are truly a testament to the survival of general aviation in the future.


I especially wish to thank all the pilots for paying attention to all of my instructions on the ramp and keeping

 this event at the highest level of safety. ELVIS, "the FAA", was on the field watching you folks and the

operation and they had nothing but Kudos for the ROTC's passenger enplanement and deplanement procedures and their attention to detail regarding safety and professionalism around a lot of aircraft movement. I hold the highest respect for your contributions to this event and it is my hopes that you will consider participating again next year.


Doug, Thanks for your kind words.


As of this writing the long fight over first flights from VGT still has not been finalized. This despite apparent orders

to the contrary to Art Jones FSDO Manager from upper levels of the FAA to allow these flights to take place. 

Dave Edwards who has been working on this remains hopeful that a solution to reopen the air space for the flights

will eventually take place.



The short business meeting affirmed the election of the new Chapter Officers for 2007.  They are:


                   President:                   Terry Frazier

                   Vice President:          Mike Perger

                   Secretary:                   Micah Braun

                   Treasurer:                  Brian Prinzavalli


I hope you all will come out to our December meeting, the traditional Ice Cream Social to welcome the new team.


Regards and safe flying,


David Lerner

President 2006





Mardell Haskins has invited Chapter Members to attend the 99’s meetings at Henderson and has also asked

us for closer participation in joint efforts, program planning and a pooling of resources. 

The 99’s program schedule through April at Henderson is:


    NOVEMBER  Henderson Field Trip  Mike Ranz-Aerial Mapping

    DECEMBER  Christmas Party

    JANUARY 16, 2007:        National Weather Service Field Trip 6:30pm

    FEBRUARY 20, 2007:    Review the New FAA Safety Program Steve Salina

    MARCH 20, 2007:           We hope to have a female military speaker this month.

    APRIL 17, 2007:               International Ninety-Nine President Pat Prentiss


Contact Mardell at  300-4922 or email her at for additional information.



A Reminder to those of you who flew the Young Eagles at Boulder City from Mike Smith:


If any of you got gasoline from the self service pump, you can send a copy of your receipt to me at

900 Primrose Lane, Henderson, NV 89011-3023, and I will get it to the airport manager so you can get reimbursed.  

Scan and e-mail should work.  The City agreed to pay for our gas to fly the Kids





Meeting Minutes of October 11th 2006




Welcome and Introductions

Members present: 15   Visitors present: 3


Reading and Acceptance of Minutes – Secretary

Accepted as published on the website

Reading and Acceptance of Treasurer’s Report – Treasurer

Report given by Brian was accepted as read.


Nov 4, ’06, Boulder City Airport open house. We will be flying YE’s. There will also be an air show.

A short business meeting will be held to vote on next year’s officers at approx. 1130 hrs.

See Nominating Committee below.


The R&R’s and hanger leases for VGT, HND, Boulder, Jean and Overton are in the final stages of approval and should be ready very soon.



None at this time

Guest Speaker:

Our guest speaker was Sgt. Terry “Wush” Sabino from the Nevada Highway Patrol (NHP).


Sgt. Sabino has a very unique position with NHP. He is only one of 3 officers (the other two are based out of Reno and the other Elko) with the NHP who make the sign on the highway

“Patrolled by Aircraft” meaningful. That means if you are “keeping up with traffic” at over

90mph he will be watching and timing you from an altitude of 1,500-3,000 AGL not more

than a ¼ mile off the interstate. Sgt. Sabino admits quickly when asked, “Can we see you up there?” “Sure, I can’t hide very easily when I am that close to the highway”.


Sgt. Sabino went over the history of NHP planes and explained the equipment on board the airplane he flies. Besides all the standard equipment in a Cessna there are the NHP radios, the radar equipment, the timing equipment, etc. and he still flies without an autopilot. (He hopes to have one installed soon). He has some pretty high tech stuff in there.


Now some interesting facts you probably didn’t know. Sgt. Sabino works in conjunction with ground vehicles, usually 2-3 cars. He has to coordinate the ground cars with the local NHP office for that section of road they will be timing. If those units are busy and are not available then they cannot time that section.


The way they time a vehicle is actually in favor of the driver. A vehicle being timed starts when the back bumper crosses the mark (the stripe on the shoulder) and stops the timing when the rear bumper crosses the exit mark. If there is any question at all on whether the timing was done right then the driver gets a pass …this time. When the driver does not get “the pass” Sgt. Sabino radios a ground unit and notifies them that a “…white SUV, southbound will pass you. I timed him at 91mph”. The ground unit responds, makes the stop and issues the citation. Sgt. Sabino then made it clear that he only gives a style and color of the vehicle. “I cannot tell if it is a Nissan, Impala or Cadillac, so I only identify by style and color. I follow the vehicle until the stop has been made. If there is confusion over the exact vehicle the driver is given a pass …this time”.


Now the most important question was asked, “What is the range of fines based on speed?” He answered: 1-10mph over the speed limit = $190.00, 11-20mph over the speed limit = $300.00, 21-??mph over the speed limit = $1,130.00. If you push your luck and your car will go that fast any speed over 100mph = automatic impound of the vehicle AND mandatory jail time. “What is the fastest speed that you timed a vehicle at and got the citation?” Response: “135mph”. Of all the citations written by the ground cars based on Sgt. Sabino’s timing not one has been thrown out of court. Sgt. Sabino then showed us a copy of a citation record from Reno. 25-30 cars stopped in a 40 minute period. All the vehicles stopped were more than 10mph over the posted 75mph limit.


Along with the duties of patrolling the highways they also use the aircraft to transport prisoners. In a lot of cases it is less expensive to transport by air from say San Diego to Las Vegas rather than using ground units. Time is usually cut in ½ or better than by using ground units. When they transport by air he always has a “guard” in the plane with him and they use special restraints for the prisoner. Sgt. Sabino said that they do not carry dignitaries unless it is an emergency. They do carry people from the NHP/NDOT if needed. By air Reno is 2 ½ - 3hrs, by ground twice that. In both cases listed above it is important to remember that if a ground unit is used for transporting it removes that unit from the area for an extended period of time.


An airplane cannot land on the highway to help at a severe accident.


Our sincere thanks to Sgt. Sabino for his excellent and informative presentation.


Chapter Committee Reports:

None at this time

Young Eagles

The YE’s plan to fly at the Boulder open house on Nov 4. Please contact Mike Smith if you will be able to fly.

The Courtney Children’s Foundation flight is scheduled for the Henderson airport, Feb ’07. Date TBA.

A YE flight for Overton has been tentatively scheduled for Oct 6, 2007.


Air Academy

Paul Gerner introduced Devon Phillips as one of the kids sent by us to the Air Academy in July of this year. Devon produced a video of his experience  at the Air Academy. It was both well done and interesting.

Devon is quite the young man. His personality is what you would call “uninhibited”. He had a great time and learned a lot. His plan is to become a pilot, but said he is open to any career that involves aviation. Paul asked Devon if the presentation Paul gave at Rancho was helpful in getting Devon interested in the Air Academy. Devon didn’t hold back and said, “No”. Devon did not really understand what the Academy was all about because he could not “visualize” what would happen there. Because the video was so well done Paul asked, “If you had seen a video like you made, would you have better understood what you would be doing and learning there?” Devon said yes. Paul then asked if he would make the video available to our Chapter to use in future presentations of the Academy to help kids understand what it was all about. Devon said that would not be a problem.

Everyone in attendance had a great time listening (laughing a lot) and watching the video. Excellent presentation. Thank you Devon.



Nominating Committee

Mike Smith of the committee made the following nominations:

President:            Terry Fraizer

Vice President:   Mike Perger

Secretary:            Micah Braun

Treasurer:           Brian Prinzavalli


A ballot will not be printed as those listed above have accepted the positions listed. The vote for the nominees listed will be done at a special short business meeting at the Boulder open house.



Home Builders and Restorers


50/50 Drawing

None held at this time





Webpage Material:

Everyone is encouraged to submit material, information or pictures of interest,

to chapter members for publication on the Chapter’s Webpage.

Send whatever you have to Jim Bonelli, Webmaster at

e-mail address:

The Chapter webpage URL is:

Be sure to bookmark this URL.


Refreshment Calendar:

We really need volunteers for next year.  Please contact David Lerner if you are interested.



For your Information: FYI:

Safety:  Howard Lyons of the North Las Vegas Tower is again asking for your cooperation in reducing

RUNWAY INCURSIONS.  KVGT is again making the FAA’s top ten list of offenders.  I do not believe

Chapter 1300 members are involved, but we must remain vigilant.  The FAA has produced a “PDF”

File for you to print and read.  Just click on this link to get your copy.   North Las Vegas PDF


                    Remember to wear your name badge

                              to the September meeting.

                  Thanks for reading the Newsletter and

               we will see you On the 13th. Bring a friend……..


Contact: Webmaster