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The official monthly Electronic Newsletter of the
Southern Nevada EAA Chapter 1300
P.O. Box 570561, Topaz Station
Las Vegas, Nevada, 89157-0561
September 2008
Volume 9, Issue 9

Next Meeting Location:
Our next meeting will be held on September 10th in the Conference Room of the Terminal Building at Henderson Executive Airport at 7:30 pm.

2008 Officers and Directors:
President:Terry Frazier
Vice President:Mike Perger
Secretary:Keith Hopkey
Treasurer:Brian Prinzavalli
Director VGT:Armin Tuma
Director BLD:Glenn Smith
Director HND:Glenn Carlson

Presidents Corner:
EAA Chapter 1300
Presidents Corner September 2008

Even in Illinois, we couldn’t miss the national coverage of the Velocity accident off VGT on the 22nd. What a tragedy. Unfortunately local bureaucrats have added to the tragedy by using it to advance an anti-GA agenda. See the links below for reference. David Lerner wrote an especially good response to Randy Walker included there. Of course the issue was compounded by the Navajo accident earlier this week. Interesting that national coverage of this accident was basically non-existent.

The CCAA has scheduled a meeting on 9/4 to discuss our response to these events. Both communications and operational changes will probably come up. PLEASE post your thoughts to on how we can reassure the public that GA including Amateur Built, Training, and Solo operations continue to be appropriate use of VGT and HND airports. If the bureaucrats are able to convince the public that we don’t belong at these airports, we may find ourselves all flying out of Jean (at least until homes surround Jean too). Mike Perger will be representing 1300 at the meeting. He needs our input to represent us.

Remember Fred Wilson’s presentation on post crash survival is scheduled for the September 10th meeting at Henderson Terminal. 7:30pm as usual. We will meet again at Jason’s Deli (just East of the St. Rose and Spencer intersection on St. Rose) for dinner at 6:30.

Also, be sure to mark your calendar for the October 18th Hangar Party/Chapter Picnic at E/D row hangars at Henderson. We are planning a late afternoon start (after the BC Airport Events) with lots to do including live music & entertainment in addition to eating of course.

See You September 10th,

Terry Frazier – CCA Letter to County

See EAA response at:, and EAA letter to Walker at:

The NTSB is doing their investigation (preliminary report at: )

Original news coverage at:

Meeting Minutes:
No meeting for August, 2008.

Webpage Material:
Everyone is encouraged to submit material, information, or pictures of interest for publication on the Chapter’s Webpage. Send whatever you have to Randy Holland, webmaster ( The NEW chapter webpage URL is Be sure to update any bookmarks.

Refreshments are provided each month by volunteers. We very much appreciate the generosity of those who participate.

We will see you at the meeting on September 10th.

Remember to wear your name badge, and be sure to bring a friend!

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