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                    The official Monthly Electronic Newsletter Of the

    Southern Nevada EAA Chapter 1300

                                     P.O. Box 570561

                                 Las Vegas Nevada 89157-9998


                                               NOVEMBER 2005

                                           Volume 6, Issue No.11


November 5th, Meeting Location:

Our next meeting will be held at the Boulder City Airport Terminal

On November 5th Saturday at around Noon.


November Meeting Program

The 2006 election of Officers and directors


2005 Officers and Directors:

President:                        David Lerner

Vice President:                Paul Gerner

Secretary:                        Herman Leong

Ass’t Secretary:               Bill Lawbaugh

Treasurer:                        Ken Wyatt

Ass’t Treasurer:               Justin Kelly

Director VGT:                   Armin Tuma

Director BLD:                   Glenn Smith

Director HND:                  Glenn Carlson


Presidents Corner October 2005:

The month ended on a most enjoyable note as thirty- seven Chapter members gathered at Jean for the

annual picnic on October 22nd. The weather was great and the food from all the comments was outstanding. 

Many thanks to the Herrington’s for their organizing the bash and to all of you who brought those great “extras”

that always bring a smile to us “dessertaholics”.  Glenn Smith definitely had a smile on his face, as he was

the winner of the drawing for the EAA Leather Flight Jacket.  It turned out to be a perfect fit. 

Glenn, wear it in good health.  Thanks also to Glenn Smith, Ken Wyatt, Mark Dulany and Dick McEwen,

flying in their RV8, T34, and RV6As’ respectively, for the formation fly by display.


Our Vice President, Paul Gerner, ran this past month’s meeting, which was enhanced by a very comprehensive report, by Sarah Metcalf on her activities at the Air Academy at last summer’s Oshkosh Show.  I was told that Sarah is very convinced of the value of the Air Academy Program as a result of her attending it and we may very well have acquired a new recruiter for this next year’s program as a result.


By now many of you are aware that the FSDO has arbitrarily closed North Las Vegas Airport to all experimental

aircraft for the execution of their first flight.  The full text of their letter is available on the Chapter’s Web Site. 

If you have not read it please take the time to do so and let me have your comments and any suggestions

to counter this ruling. Email your comments to me at .  We continue to explore every avenue

open to us together with Dave Edwards, the Clark County Aviation Association and the AOPA.  Sadly we have

not as yet received any direct support from the EAA, but we are working to change that as well.


See you at Boulder City.  Please note the meeting date change to November 5th at 12:00 in the terminal area. 

It will be a very short meeting to elect the new slate of officers for 2006.

(if you can’t make the meeting, see Mike Smith’s email for proxy voting ).


Safe flying and regards,

David Lerner, Chapter 1300  President, 2005



Meeting Minutes:

EAA Chapter 1300 Minutes

October 12, 2005


Paul Gerner called  the meeting to order at 1940 Hrs.  12 members and 1 guest were present. 

The guest was Wayne Bunt.  The guest speaker was Sarah, the Rancho High School student we sent to

Air Academy at Oshkosh.  Sarah gave an interesting power point slide presentation of all the activities

she was involved with and answered many questions from the audience. The 50/50 drawing was won by Linda Frazier. 

Armin Tuma shared his experience of the throttle linkage in his Glastar coming apart.  Fortunately it occurred

on the roll out. Dean Herrrington reported on the up-coming picnic at Jean Airport on October 22 (Saturday). 

It starts at 10 AM.  He reminded attendees to bring chairs.


The usual motion to dismiss reading of the minutes was made.  However there were no minutes taken at the

September meeting as the Secretary was absent and neglected to assign a substitute.  Brian Prinzavalli gave the

Treasurer's report.  Cash balance on August 31, 2005 was $2,812.94.


Builder's reports were given by Mike Smith, Jim Bonelli.  Dean Herrington reported on the decal installation

on his Glastar.  The cost was quite reasonable and if anybody is interested the installer's website is 

Walt Ayers gave his impressions of the recent Reno Air Races.  Jim Bonelli said that the Young Eagles event at

Discover Aviation this year was very disappointing.  Only a total of 35 flights were given during the 2 day event.


Mike Smith announced the nomination of the officers for next year.  President Dave Lerner will retain his position

for another year. Dean Herrington nominated for Vice President, Michael Perger for Secretary and Brian Prinzavalli

for Treasurer. Mike Smith reminded the group of the November 5th airshow at Boulder City Airport.


The meeting was adjourned at 2105 Hrs.


Respectfully Submitted,


Herman Leong, Secretary


Welcome new Members:

No new Members to report at this time.


Webpage Material:

Everyone is encouraged to submit material, information or pictures of interest, to chapter members for publication

on the Chapter’s Webpage. Send whatever you have to Jim Bonelli, Webmaster, email address: 

The Chapter webpage URL is  Be sure to bookmark this URL.


Young Eagles:

Boulder City airport open house on Saturday, November 5, 2005.  Arrive by 08:00


Refreshment Calendar:

Thanks go out to Ken & Phyllis Wyatt for the Refreshments.


For your Information: FYI.

 Hi All,


I'm helping Mark DuLaney with Nellis "planning" and we are looking for a few volunteers who may be intending

to go to the Nellis Open House on Sat and/or Sun, Nov 12-13.  We plan to set up an EAA Info table near the

Experimental aircraft and need a few people to pass out info and answer questions about EAA. 

Incentive--If we have your name on our gate pass list, we can get you on base to park, instead of riding the buses

from the Race track. Please reply or give me a call at 565-4010.  Thanks, and have a great day. Later.


Remember to wear your name badge to the November meeting.

               Thanks for reading the Newsletter and

             we will see you On the 5th. Bring a friend……..








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