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The official monthly Electronic Newsletter of the
Southern Nevada EAA Chapter 1300
P.O. Box 570561, Topaz Station
Las Vegas, Nevada, 89157-0561
September 2009
Volume 10, Issue 9

Next Meeting Location:
The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, September 9th in the Conference Room at Henderson Executive Airport at 7:30pm.

2009 Officers and Directors:
President:Roger Hansen
Vice President:Terry Frazier
Secretary:Seb Trost
Treasurer:Brian Prinzavalli
Director VGT:Armin Tuma
Director HND:Glenn Carlson
Director BVU:Glenn Smith

Presidents Corner:
During the business meeting, we resolved the need for a secretary when Seb Trost volunteered to fill the position. We acknowledged and accepted his offer and confirmed his position by the attending members. Since his appointment, he has written and sent the minutes to Randy Holland, our webmaster, for publishing on our website.

August's meeting was held at the terminal where four of us, who attended Oshkosh, presented information and pictures of what we saw, attended, and experienced along the way. One item that I was impressed with was a piece of flight safety equipment called a “Virtual HUD”. You can take a look at it and see how it works along with the safety possibilities it offers at the following website.

With the Young Eagles rally taking place at Overton on September 19th, Mike Smith, who coordinates the pilots, is now looking for pilots who can confirm attendance. Typically we gather at 8:00 am, have a pilot briefing on where to fly and ground procedures during the event. Also confirmed is the October 3rd Young Eagles rally for Pahrump. You can contact Mike Smith for either event to confirm availability to fly YE’s. Mike can be reached via email at or call him at 702-565-4010. (Please note, this is a new email address for Mike.)

September’s meeting will be held at the HND terminal with a presentation on metal working. We will show you techniques and invite your input on processes such as drilling, deburring, fluting and dimpling. A “how to” on metal stretching, shrinking, and proper bending techniques. If you are contemplating building a metal airplane, this will go a long way in easing concerns or fears. The demo will take place after the business meeting in Terry Frazier’s hangar (E3).

Roger Hansen
President EAA 1300

Meeting Minutes:
EAA 1300 minutes 12 Aug 2009

Called to order by President Roger Hansen 7:30PM

Introduced guests (4) (didn’t get names)

Treasurer’s report
  • Looking for volunteer for Chapter Secretary – Seb Trost volunteered

  • $100 donated by person using Terry Frasier’s hangar.
  • Membership voted to add it to cookie fund for meetings vs into Chapter general fund - 9 for, no against

  • Membership voted to accept July minutes

    Young Eagles – Sep 19 in Overton
  • Insurance and permit was a question – Clark County said it’s not a problem, but we haven’t got the permit yet – Roger to follow up.

  • Pahrump firm for October 3rd
  • Donating some fuel for coming home

  • BBQ lunch to be provided

  • Nov 7th Open House at KBVU – plan for Young Eagles there as well

    Previous tax dilemma has been resolved
  • 501c(3) paperwork issue

  • Future programs:
  • Dan Eikleberry to set up AirScooter tour

  • October – TIG welding/plasma cutting demo at Roger’s hangar

  • Flyouts – Dean
  • Aug 29th – Big Bear for pancake breakfast and AirFair and airshow

  • Sep 19th – Sedona Airfair 9-4

  • 50/50 $32.00 won by guest Brian took $10, donated $22 to chapter

    Adjourned business meeting 8:01PM

    Tonight’s program
  • Oshkosh 2009 pictures and sharing by membership who attended

  • Submitted by Seb Trost

    We will see you at the next meeting on September 9th.

    Remember to wear your name badge, and be sure to bring a friend!

    Contact: Webmaster