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The Official Monthly Electronic Newsletter of the

Southern Nevada EAA Chapter 1300
P O Box 34311

Las Vegas, Nevada 89133-4311,


MAY 2005

Volume 6, issue No,5


May 11, 2005 Meeting Location

Our next Meeting will be held at 3455 Polaris #4 Dave?s Specialty Paint

And Autobody Shop at 7pm. The best way to get there is take the I-15

To Spring Mountain, exit West, go 2 blocks to Polaris, turn North, His

Shop is 1 block from Spring Mountain on the left.


May Meeting Program:

Dave Scrock will introduce his Carbon Fiber Lancair 360. One of 4

Carbon Fiber Airplanes produced before Lancair discontinued

 the 360 model now making the Legacy.You will see his

 installation of a Subaru 6 cylinder Turbo Charged engine believed

to produce about 300 hp.


2005 Officers and Directors:
President:                         David Lerner
Vice President:              Paul Gerner
Secretary:                         Herman Leong

Ass?t Secretary:             Bill Lawbaugh
Treasurer:                         Ken Wyatt

Ass?t Treas.                   Justn Kelly
Director VGT:                Armin Tuma
Director BLD:                Glenn Smith  
Director HND:                Glenn Carlson

President?s Corner:


This past month appeared to be relatively quiet as we move on towards summer. Weather was so so or off and on. Something for everyone. The ongoing FSDO Follies first flight saga continues.  Dave Edwards has made some progress with both the EAA and AOPA. He sent them each an information packet detailing the problem, which both groups are in the process of reviewing.  AOPA indicated that they have been talking with EAA apparently in an effort to develop a mutual and coordinated response.  We should be hearing from them in early May and will keep you posted.


PLEASE NOTE: Our Chapter meeting for May 11th, will not be at Henderson, but has instead been scheduled for Dave Skrock?s shop at 7:00pm over at 3455 Polaris.  Check the web page for more information.  Dave is going to show his Lancair with the turbo Subaru engine. I had an opportunity to visit with him and I think you will find his shop filled with a number of other interesting auto projects as well as his Lancair.


Looking ahead our June meeting at North Town will feature Plane and Pilot Editor Lyn Freeman.  The Chapter has invited members of Chapter 163 and CCAA to attend our meeting, so please mark your calendars for a fun evening.


Last reminder; please take a look at the Chapter?s web site.  The calendar and other categories serves to keep you up to date on all of the Chapter?s activities


See you on the 11th.


Regards and safe flying,


David Lerner



MARCH 9, 2005 Minutes

EAA Chapter 1300

Wednesday 3/9/05

EAA chapter meeting at Boulder City Airport (Glenn Smith?s hangar)

Meeting convened promptly at 1930 hours with sixteen members present and guests as follows:

Jim Seargent ? former Lockheed guy, U-2 project

George Gunther - flew with Glenn in TWA and is building a Zenith 601X.  George is A&P qualified. 

Bob Sanders - retired USAF part owner of Glenn Smith?s Comanche,  

Gentleman visiting from Singapore,

Jack Coverly - friend of  Johan Tillman,

Don Conrad - recently joined, A&P/AI, builder of many, former P-51 owner, extensive project knowledge, looking for stuff to do

Bill Glasser - from chapter 163 building an RV-4

Cliff Jensen ? owner of two grounded T-34s 


Minutes accepted as posted at website

Treasurer?s report received 

No report from CFI?s


Next young Eagle will be April 2 as part of airport day at Boulder City ? hopefully out of Papillon hangar, further details to be provided by Mike Smith to Young Eagles pilots via email.


Special Presentation by Larry Brown of Las Vegas FSDO on

Issues of experimentals and amateur built aircraft operations at VGT.  Gave three examples (typical) of amateur built crashes out of a database of 1129 such incidents nationwide over a five year period.  Discussion of 1998 memo from FAA on amateur built first flights over densely populated area or in a congested corridor?first flights shall  not occur from densely populated areas (91.319).  We need 5-10 hours of initial operation in safe areas to prove airworthiness ? applicant shall be advised to relocate AC by other means ?.

PROPOSAL ? FSDO will allow a first flight of an amateur built Aircraft - staying over VGT.   After post flight inspection the amateur built aircraft can be allowed to then fly out of the corridor to another airport to fly off the 5-10 hours necessary to ensure airworthiness and controllability.  FAA expects the ?corridor? (a small swath of relatively undeveloped plots running out towards Nellis from the east end of Rwy 12) to close out within a short number of months ? he can?t say when it will close since it is based on housing construction - but it won?t be long.  The basic rule would be if you aren?t building now at VGT, don?t start there, start somewhere else.  We have agreed to give him a list of projects underway (N#?s)  for the planes we need to exercise this option for a first flight over the airport, shutdown/inspect, and then depart for the flyoff location.  We?ll coordinate input from 163 as well for a consolidated list.


Mike Smith won the 50-50 Draw for $42

The meeting adjourned at 2104 hours.


April Minutes

EAA Chapter 1300


Wednesday 4/13/05

EAA chapter meeting at North Las Vegas Airport

Meeting convened promptly at 1930 hours with seventeen members present


Minutes could not be posted to website due to technical difficulties ? formal acceptance deferred until next meeting, in the meantime minutes will be posted without formal approval when technical difficulties are overcome. 


No Treasurer?s report received ? Action Deferred


Tom Donaldson introduced the guest speaker ? Mr. Cecil Johnson ? the relatively new director of the Clark County Department of Aviation.  Mr. Johnson has been in the aviation business for 30 years ? worked for Northwest, Ozark, and America West Airlines in many upper management capacities before joining Clark County.  He?s very happy to be associated with the General Aviation community. 

            Mr. Johnson came to address concerns about the FAA directives discussed at last months meeting that would prohibit first flight and or fly-off of the first 10 hours out of VGT.  Mr. Johnson fielded several tough questions from the audience and took responsibility for ensuring he addresses our concerns, answers our questions, and is an advocate for rationality in the process.  He specifically agreed to provide us with any statistical data supporting the general contention that Experimental Aircraft are in any way less safe than other GA aircraft.  He also said he would try to find out ?why this is happening now? since the regulation has been on the books for some time. 


Tom Donaldson gave an update on the progress at Henderson airport.  He reports that the new hangars will be operational in October 05, the new Terminal in February 06, that we have 10 new acres of Paving now, with a new tower to follow.  He also reports a new RNAV/GPS approach is to go functional on May 12.  Tom agreed to work with Jim Bonelli on setting up a Young Eagles event for Henderson as soon a possible.


For VGT, it was reported that the GPS and ILS approaches are expected to be functional in July, and that they are working to get the powerlines put underground.


This month?s Fly-Out will be to Seligman AZ on the 30th, in association with the Route 66 celebrations.


Paul Gerner reported he has two applicants for the EAA Air Academy ? both students in the Rancho HS aviation program, referred by Mr. Bob Hale.  Discussion ensued regarding better ways to recruit students in the future.  It was agreed that for next year, we need to go directly to the students with a presentation, no later than January for the following summer. 


President David Lerner discussed recent Board discussions ? including the Pinch Hitter program to teach spouses how to safely get the plane on deck should any incapacity befall the pilot.  We will be piloting the program using the exceptional flight simulator available through the explorer post.

The second item discussed by President Lerner had to do with the consolidated EAA1300, EAA163. and CCAA position regarding the FAA regulation on first flights for experimentals out of VGT.  Dave Edwards is taking point for the consolidate position, and Walt Ayers will act as Legal Council.  Jim Bonelli has done extensive research and reports that in the last 5 years there have been ZERO accidents of experimental Aircraft on first flights in the Las Vegas and surrounding area.


Discover aviation will be held at Jean Airport on October 7&8 with a Young Eagles rally.  Jim Bonelli reports that the YE rally at Boulder City was a great success ? with one happy father donating $20 and refusing to take no for an answer.


The next meeting will be at an entirely different location so HEAD?s UP ? The meeting will allow us to view Dave Skrock?s Lancair 360 under construction.  The address is:


            Dave?s Specialty Cars (Body and Paint)

            3455 Polaris # 4

            (North from Spring Mountain on Polaris)


The meeting adjourned at 2045 hours.


Welcome New Members:

No new Members to report this month


Webpage Material:
Everyone is encouraged to submit material, information or pictures of

interest to chapter members for publication on the Chapter?s Webpage.

send whatever you have to Jim Bonelli, WebMaster,
email address:

The chapter webpage URL is: Be sure

 to Bookmark this URL.

Young Eagles:

Remember, if you have Magazines or books on flying  that

You might like to donate to the youth flying programs.

Please bring them to the next meeting.


Classified ads:


                Open house (hangar)

              Sandy Valley Sky Ranch


                            Saturday May 7, from 10am to 3pm.

      Come and see this Quality Nucor Building and the surrounding

      Community. Meet some of the people that live there.

      Refreshments hot dogs and hamburgers will be served from 11am

                          RSVP Please @ 349-5999  or  878-1368

      If you plan to fly out, check Air Guide Publication Nevada pg. 22

      For Airport information. You can park at or in my hanger. Additional

      Parking is available at the FBO located at the end of rwy. 3 west of

      the fuel pumps. I will be monitoring radio ch. 123.0 to assist you.


      If you are driving, take I-15 south to Jean Nv. Route-161 turn West.

      Just before Goodsprings Nv. Turn left go over the mountain.

      When at the bottom of the hill turn rt. on Cherokee, left on Quartz

      1 mi. to Miami go left ¾ mi. you?ll see Jade St. to the right you?ll see

      Sky Ranch Airport, go 3 streets to Lindbergh Av. Turn rt. The first

      Hanger to the right You?re there.

                       Note; Please do not cross or drive on the Runway for
       everyone?s SAFETY.


       See you then;

       Thanks Richard and Mary Jean Kegelmyer


 If you have anything you wish to sell or buy please E mail it to      


 Refreshment Calendar:


Dave Scrock will be our refreshment host this month.

Thanks to Rich Kegelmyer for providing for last month?s Meeting


Remember to wear your name badge to the May Meeting

And all Meetings in the future.



            Thanks for reading the Newsletter and we will see

                          you on the 11th.Bring a friend??


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