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The official monthly Electronic Newsletter of the
Southern Nevada EAA Chapter 1300
P.O. Box 570561, Topaz Station
Las Vegas, Nevada, 89157-0561
July 2008
Volume 9, Issue 7

Next Meeting Location:
The July and August meetings have been cancelled. Our next meeting will be held on September 10th in the Conference Room of the Terminal Building at Henderson Executive Airport at 7:30 pm.

2008 Officers and Directors:
President:Terry Frazier
Vice President:Mike Perger
Secretary:Keith Hopkey
Treasurer:Brian Prinzavalli
Director VGT:Armin Tuma
Director BLD:Glenn Smith
Director HND:Glenn Carlson

Presidents Corner:
EAA Chapter 1300
Presidents Corner July 2008

About thirty members and guests attended last month’s meeting featuring Michael Goulian ( as our guest speaker. What a show! After we had some minor technical difficulties with the video system, Michael provided a very interactive overview of his Aerobatic and Red Bull racing activities. All of it was great, but I really enjoyed his description of speed and operational improvements he has been making to his planes. Thanks to Michael and Rick Duste from Air BP Lubricants (Castrol Aviation Oil) for the presentation and the goodies (2 cases of Oil, Hats, etc.) added to our 50-50 drawing.

Remember that the July and August meetings have been cancelled. We are looking forward to Fred Wilson’s presentation on post crash survival scheduled for the September 10th meeting at Henderson.

Linda and I will be arriving at Airventure on 7/25 and probably staying for the whole week. If you will be there, give us a call (702-278-0273).

Hope to see you there…

Terry Frazier

Meeting Minutes:


Minutes of Meeting
June 11, 2008
Henderson (HND) Airport Terminal Building

Meeting called to order by Chapter President, Terry Frazier.

New Members:

  • Rick Duste, US General Aviation Team Lead
  • Michael Goulian, BP/Castrol Aerobatic Pilot

  • Reminder that our July and August 2008 meetings are cancelled. Next meeting will be September 10, 2008 at HND.
  • Reminder that our Chapter picnic date and location have changed to October 18, 2008 at Roger Hansen’s hangar (HND). This will be an afternoon/evening event. More details as the date gets closer.
  • Michael Goulian entertained about 30 members and guests with an interactive overview of his Aerobatic and Red Bull racing activities. He also talked about the speed and operational improvements he has been making to his airplanes. Michael’s web site is: He and Rick Duste (Air BP Lubricants/Castrol Aviation Oil) also donated two case of oil, some hats and other items for our 50/50 drawing.
Business Meeting:
  • May 14, 2008 minutes as posted on the web site were approved.
  • Balance as of June 11, 2008 was $2,119.91. Report approved as presented.
Old Business:
  • A few EAA 2008 calendars still for sale at $6.00 each. See Brian or Terry.
  • Mike Smith and Jim Bonelli gave an update on the successful Young Eagles event held at Tonopah in conjunction with their Jim Butler Days celebration.
New Business:
  • Young Eagles schedule:
    • September HND date still being worked on by Tom
    • October 4 @ Overton
    • November 1 @ Pahrump
  • New business discussion from the floor:
    • No other new business discussion from the floor.
Chapter Committee Reports:
  • Air Academy: Brad Kasperek will be attending 2008. (Since the June 11 meeting we have learned Brad will not be able to attend. Due to the late notice, we won’t have time to find another candidate, so our Chapter won’t have any attendees at the 2008 Air Academy.)
  • Safety/Accidents: No discussion
  • Builders Support: No discussion
  • Young Eagles: Already discussed
  • Social: Hangar visits continue to take place at HND Saturday mornings. There is a Henderson Hangar Group breakfast on Saturdays at 8:00 AM at the Kopper Keg.
Future Programs:
  • September program will be presented by Fred Wilson talking about post crash survival. “You’ve crashed off the field, can’t walk – now what?”
  • "I love almonds" by Terry Frazier (to be presented later)
  • We need everyone to be on the lookout for topics.
Status Reports:
  • None noted
  • Armin Tuma won a case of Castrol Oil
  • Brian Prinzivallli won a hat
  • Pat Delaney won the 50/50 cash drawing
  • Note: There were a couple other winners but unfortunately we didn’t get all the names.
Meeting adjourned with a reminder of our next meeting at Henderson (HND), Conference Room in the Terminal building September 10, 2008 at 7:30 PM.

Submitted (in absentia) by Keith Hopkey, Secretary

Webpage Material:
Everyone is encouraged to submit material, information, or pictures of interest for publication on the Chapter’s Webpage. Send whatever you have to Randy Holland, webmaster ( The NEW chapter webpage URL is Be sure to update any bookmarks.

Refreshments are provided each month by volunteers. We very much appreciate the generosity of those who participate.

We will see you at the meeting on September 10th.

Remember to wear your name badge, and be sure to bring a friend!

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